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It has been a while since I posted on here. I am still doing leetcode problems in preparation for interviews. I have not put solutions up as I decided to focus on getting more problems done. I will still post solutions when I feel I have the time and it won’t hinder my algorithm and data structure studies.
Java is my strongest language and Java developer jobs are common where I live so mastering a popular Java framework is also a current goal. My flashcard application uses Spring Boot to retrieve flashcard data from a MongoDB database and uses RESTful APIs to expose the data to clients. I plan to expand on the flashcard application to utilize more features of Spring Boot so I can get more practice using the framework.
I also started a new Spring Boot project to assist in learning the framework well for future interviews. This project doesn’t really have defined functionality yet, but I would like it to be related to my studies on algorithms and data structures. The project is currently on a local respository but will be pushed to my github remote when more progress is made.